"three girl rhumba"
Rob Wasserman

Top 20 of 2003

It was documented that I could sing before I could talk. My father loved the stones, the kinks, John Lennon, the clash & the police. My mother loved zeppelin, deep purple, traffic, the who & the emerging modern rock scene. As a kid I was left alone, the only solace I found was in my turntable. While most kids were singing nursery rhymes I was listening to Rio, Rebel Yell & Pyromania (Three crucial records in my life).

By 1986 my taste was really starting to widen, not only would I be listening to "alternative rock" & hard rock, I became fascinated with hip-hop - which became much more accessible a few years later with west coast "gangsta" rap. Believe it or not, there once was a time when it was hard to find a decent selection of Rap & Hip-Hop.

By the turn of the decade I started listening to a lot of The Pet Shop Boys, the Beatles & a slew of 60's groups. Just before grunge broke out I heard my first Dinosaur Jr. record (1988's Bug), and I knew popular music would change soon enough.

In the early 90's a second wave of great hip-hop came about, Gang Starr, Brand Nubian, The Pharcyde, Del Tha Funky Homosapien., etc. I really started straying away from rock music until I discovered Elvis Costello in 1994. Almost immediately I fell in love, it was like this man spoke my mind, I never found a connection like that before. If it wasn't for the discovery of Elvis, I probably would have never gotten into classic country & early pop music. 1994 was also the beginning of my affair with the "indie" music scene. Which is amazing to see it grow in the States, it seems it was more of a British thing for the longest time. Like always, the Brits always know what's up in music before Americans. Well, except maybe for the Spice Girls & their awful taste in radio-rap.

I could never sum up my love for music in a few hundred pages let a lone a few paragraphs. People always claim to love music, but if you know me, then you know how important music is to me. It's what keeps me going; it's pretty much my lively hood. The three greatest feelings are as follows: #3 an orgasm, #2 the relief of peeing after holding it for a long time & #1 the sound of your favorite record.