August 17, 2006

Evil Hollywood.

I've just seen the trailer for the new Hilary & Hayley Duff film, MATERIAL GIRLS. What happened to the cute Hilary Duff? Now she looks like the daughter of Skeletor.

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August 04, 2006

I'm white, it's criminal.

What the hell? I just called my girlfriend & when she picked up I heard some giggling and instead of âhiâ, she answered, âI was just telling this girl here that you are the only white boy that Iâve datedâ. And I swear it sounded like it was degrading. The girl who she was talking about was Asian & said, âOh, is that the Italian one?â And when my girlfriend said, ânoâ, the other girl sounded repulsed. Now, I know some people may not agree but when someone says they are Italian I bunch them into the âwhiteâ category. I said that to my girlfriend and she said, âNo, thatâs Europeanâ. Nevertheless, they way the two of them sounded & whatever on earth the conversation stemmed from, it was like being white was an absolute disgrace or something. Now my girlfriend is 1/2 French & a  Mexican so, who is she to act so snobby about slumming it with her white boyfriend? Besides, half of me is mystery meat. My dad was illegally adopted and there is no telling what half of me is & if you were to see my father youâd be surprised just how dark he is.

I have never been one to discriminate one what nationality you are, what your ancestors have done or who your parents are, to me race is secondary to the person you are and I have dated girls of all types of different nationalities. However, in the recent few years I have noticed that with being white you become an easy target for being a racist & it seems to be a lot more socially acceptable to say degrading things about whites but if I were to say something similar about another group of people, Iâd be the biggest scumbag bigot alive. So Iâm white, Iâm sorry. Some of you might have a different view on this & that is fine, Iâm not here to argue I am just telling you my personal experience with being white does have flaws & isnât all about perks.

Christopher White Bread w/ removed crusts Brandon

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