Do you want to know the meaning of life? Do you want to know how to obtain happiness? Do you need help balancing lovers? Do you want to know what I like to eat on my pizza? Well here's your chance to ask me whatever you want. Ask me any 5 questions, hell if you are too embarrassed, give me a fake name, it's completely anonymous.

from KAREN

Are you content with yourself?

Not at all. Do you think anyone ever truly is? I'm not content with anything, it makes me sick, because I am so aware of my non-contentness.

what's your favorite brand of shoes?

The most comfortable brand of shoes I have ever known is Bass. I have a cute pair of Bass boots that I could walk forever in. However, the brand I own the most of is Steve Madden. They're just so ugly looking - I love them. So I'll say SIMPLE is my favorite.

Do you consider yourself to be goodlooking?

I know I am not hideous looking. But I wouldn't qualify that as making me goodlooking. I feel average, I suppose. It saddens me to have people ridicule my appearance as often as they do. I think I'd rather not know if someone found me attractive or not.

what kinda everyday normal shit saddens you?

Waking up, seeing the same thing every day, doing the same things everyday, hearing my phone ring, not hearing my phone ring. In general, I suppose all aspects of life bring me down. I guess a better question would have been, "what doesn't get you down?"

what do you think of white leather belts on chicks?

It can work and it can't. What else are you wearing with it? Neon pink hooded sweatshirts?

How do you feel (if anything) about turning 25?

It's actually upsetting. I never thought I'd live to see 25. Maybe if I'm lucky I will die before Monday! I dunno, it upsets me only for the fact that my life is not in order.

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I love you... do you love me?

With all my heart, will you marry me? Wait, I don't want children will that be a problem? Also, I like showering alone & I don't care for family functions. What's your take on satin panties?

What is with this fascination of Master P and his clan?

It was just an innocent joke at first. I was a casual listener but then I found myself entertained, Master P is hilarious. Trust me!

What have you thought that you would have hated, but ended up not hating at all?

I'm fairly set in my ways but I guess the two that come to mind is The White Stripes & vagina.

What do you think is more admirable? Lying to not hurt someone, or telling the truth and breaking that person's heart?

Broken hearts are what make the world go 'round. However, it really depends on the situation. Sometimes it's not our place to tell the truth or lie. It's a lose-lose situation either way.

What is your favorite dinner? Not going out to eat or having someone else prepare, but something that you enjoy Preparing for yourself and do so occasionally...

Well, I do make some mind-blowing pizza. I roll out the dough, use thin barbecue sauce with whichever cheeses I have around. Then I put grilled chicken, cilantro & tomatoes on top. It's better then it sounds I assure you. I enjoy cooking for the most part. I had to learn when I was around 11. Otherwise I would have never eaten anything.

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from BUNNY

What do you do when you're all alone?

Enjoy the solitude as much as possible. If you're asking about what specific activities, I can usually be found laying on the floor listening to records.

What is the greatest breakup song ever written?

The Breakup Song by Greg Khin!

Ever been hypnotized?

I don't think it is humanly possible for me to relax enough to be hypnotized. Have you been?

Have you ever been in an all out brawl?

My fighting days are long gone, I am a bit too old to be fighting. However, I have been a few scuffles in my day. When you are bigger than average humans, other human males like to try your patience & will. It's rather sick, actually.

Who do you think is the best looking man alive?

Alive today? Because Elvis Presley is obviously the best looking man of all-time. That's a tough question I can't believe how handsome Patrick Dempsey has become. Errr, I dunno, nobody seems that striking or even stands out to me.

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from ~N

If I'm head over heals for a girl at work do you think I should pursue her?

I don't believe someone should ever limit themselves from being happy with another no matter what their sexual orientation may be. I'd say do it, what's the worst that can happen?

If I made a bed of tulips in your favorite planetarium and provided the woman you most desire who wanted to make love to you, would you let me videotape your encounter?

There is a few "no's" on this one. My favorite planetarium was just recently torn down, so that's a "no". I don't "MAKE LOVE" so that's a "no". You should know that I am purely hardcore. I also don't like the idea of being video-taped although I nearly did it once with a woman, but it was just a bad idea. The possibility of it being out there among the Pam & Tommy tape, the Hilton tape, the Tonya Harding tape, wait nobody saw that one, nor would they ever care to. So yeah, that's a "no", unless it would lead to a porn career, because if you're going to do it, give it 110 percent. "No", I am going with "no", that's my final answer… I think?!

Which six numbers should I play in the next lotto?

Think of the ugliest numbers because those are the one's that win. My picks would be: 27, 34, 19, 22, 39, 48.

If Bob fucked his newly found confidence would they ever have children?

No, I have a firm belief that Bob shoots blanks, which wouldn't be a bad thing, now that I think of it. Oh fuck, I need to take my Enzyte, thanks for reminding me.

Now that Sammy is back with Van Halen, would you go to the concert in Oakland with me?

Been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt. I saw Sammy solo just a few years ago and it was enough to be Red Rockered out for this lifetime. I'd rather go toss back some Margaritas with Sammy at his home in Mill Valley where we could hangout with Carlos Santana & Elvis Costello's best friend. Oh, I dropped something… names. Oh Snap!

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from A Lonely Loser

How do I overcome my fear of flirting with men?
Men are rather simple; most would be satisfied enough from just having a girl speak to them. I know I sure would, I tend to be a bit "unapproachable". If you don't feel confident enough still, become an expert at a subject like… sports, video games, music, whatever the subject most identified with the type of boys you are generally into.

Do you think people with Compulsiveness are weird?
Of course not, I think it's a charming quirk. It's better than say, schizophrenia.

Cherries or Strawberries?
Strawberries are a bit more practical, thus my attraction to them. Cherries tend to limit their use.

If you could take away all of your insecurities would you? Even if you had to live a different life?
Yes, without a hesitant thought in my head. Wait, I digress, would I be a worse human?

What do you think of when you think about 2 women in bed together?
Well, not a lot, really, I am probably less into the idea than the average guy. I am more into one on one sexual experiences. Not that I am necessarily throwing out the idea. With my own insecurity, I'd want someone's undivided attention, so even by watching two girls; it slightly makes me yearn for someone's admiration.

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from Sara

Have u got a big dick?
So blunt! Well, my cock is very temperamental, sometimes I have these really nice hard-on's & sometimes I don't. Like every boy, I suppose it could be bigger, but I wouldn't necessarily call it "small". I think I was brainwashed (most likely from porn) into thinking anything less than 10 inches was pathetic. It wouldn't even matter if I had 10 inches or a whopping 1 inch, it would be used just as often & penetration dulls me.

Do u have a girlfriend?
I sure don't. I haven't had a girlfriend in two years, I am rather picky, I suppose?!

R u gay?
It's strange that some people are under that impression but the sad truth is I am so pro-vagina. In fact just recently a friend told me that I was the most girl-crazy boy she knew.

Do u like licking pussy?
Oh god yes. I miss it! I love looking up from between a girl's legs and watching her squirm. Okay, now I need to fuck, thanks a lot.

Have u ever done up the bum with another lad?
I sure haven't. I don't like penises or men's asses.

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from Joanna

Out of all the people in the entire world, living or dead (assuming this would resurrect them) who would you like to make out with more than anyone?
Now would they be willing to make out with me? If so, then my choice is Natalie Wood. She is my dream girl of all-time.

Have you ever had a burning hate for an inanimate object?
I hate those fucking 3 stooges rubber ducks. Have you seen those? Why would you make shit like that?

Have you ever had to speak in front of a large group and got totally freaked out?
I am a horrible public speaker. I get nervous just speaking to one person, let alone a group. Back when I was a corporate whore, I had to speak in a group of 30 or so people and I would biff every time. It's expected & just forget about me standing up to do so. I tremble uncontrollably.

What is your phone number?
If I give it out, does that mean you will call me? If you really want it, e-mail me.

Would you rather be famous or infamous?
I'd want a little of both. Half man, half myth…

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from Spot

Where is a cool place to take out a girl in Los Angeles?
Los Angeles has many cool places to go to. I myself am satisfied with just going to Disneyland, but I think it really all depends on the girl.

What should I say?
Hahaha well don't say anything I might tell you, because then your chances of getting some will dwindle.

What should I do?
Mix a fair dosage of politeness with vulgarity. That's my hot recipe to score the ladies!

Should I get her something?
How well do you know her? I think buying something that someone would not like is pointless. If this is a proper date, then there is nothing wrong with flowers.

Should I kiss her?
If that is what you desire, then absolutely. I have faith in you. By the time you read this, you've probably already had anal sex with her. Congrats Spot, you are a man among men!

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from This isn't Chemere. Seriously. It isn't!

First and foremost- John Wayne or Clint Eastwood?
I love the Thin White Duke but can't stand Theeeeee Duke. Eastwood looks scary; John Wayne always looked like a grandpa.

In pulp comics, there are three Vs- the victim, the villain and the victor. Which one are you?
I'd say a cross between victim & villain. Victory has always seemed to elude me.

In your opinion, who is the smartest woman alive today?
Woman? Oh dear, I haven't an idea. Intelligence is a hard thing to judge. Chemere? Is that a good answer?

What member of My Morning Jacket would you most want to make out with?
The keyboardist, he gets no love.

What was the last nice thing you did for someone else?
Left their life. Isn't that sad?

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from CHRIS

1. "I just broke up with my girlfriend for the third time. She cheated on me twice before and now she wants me back. What should I do?"

How many more times do you think you can handle her breaking your heart? Sometimes we need to cut off the things that destroy us. I'm not telling you what you should do, because I don't know your relationship. Do what you feel is right. Never take advice from others when it comes to matters of the heart.

2. "Are you really in your 20's?"
Do I seem older or younger? It's my birthday in a month.
3. "Do you like Duran Duran?"

I love Duran Duran from 81-85. After that I really only like the singles, the albums just don't hold up.

4. "When is the last time that you had a valentine?"
The last time was seven years ago. Like I should be giving love advice, right?
5. "What color should I paint my room?"
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1. "Why do you hate the sun?"

Because it hates me.

2. "Why did you stop drinking?"
Because it was starting to get out of control & it's a bad habit. Also, the last time I drank I was so far gone that a girl who I hate was lying on top of me and I couldn't get her off. And all my friends did was laugh and point at me, because they knew I was in hell.
3. "Is the rumor true that your girlfriend is the model Cherie Roberts?"

What would a model want with me? Besides my PR person told me to say, "We are just friends."

4. "If you could drive where would Christopher Brandon go?"
Away from everyone.
5. "Wheelies or Burnouts?"
Wheelies are rad.
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1. "You seem to have no shame when it comes to masturbation. Why?"

I think the act of masturbation has grown to be more widely accepted among society. I think there is no need to deny the act when you are a young male who is single & lonely. In general, I am very open about sex, thus my free will about masturbation.

2. "What is your favorite Julia Roberts film?"
I really like Notting Hill.
3. "Girls or Boys?"

For what exactly?

4. "Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett?"
Tony Bennett. Frank is not even my favorite Rat pack member.
5. "A bottle of red or a bottle of white?"
Hmmmm I only like wine to be used as a sauté. However, I love Billy joel's SCENES FROM OUR ITALIAN RESTAURANT.
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1. "Dominique or MJ?"

Easily Dominique, MJ may have had the great D, but nobody could finish a play like Dominique Wilkins.

2. "Are you really Tino from "My So Called Life"?"
Don't tell anyone, but yes, yes I am. I was supposed to appear in episode 20, but sadly the show was cancelled after #19. The world wasn't ready for me.
3. "Ive been sick almost this whole year so far. Can you heal me?"

I am afraid there is no cure for you, sorry.

4. "Favorite things to do in San Diego?"
Well my favorite thing to do would have been Lulu, if I weren't such a wuss. I'd say, my favorite thing to do is to faint on ghost tours in the gas lamp district.
5. "In my opinion, Motley Crue's "Looks That Kill" is the greatest video ever made, what is your favorite music video?"
This might be the hardest question of the ages. I think that video is definitely in the top 5 greatest ever. But my favorite would have to be YANKEE ROSE by David Lee Roth.
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1. "do you like fairy tales?"

Of course I do, I think I'd make a wonderful Cinderella.

2. "have you ever had a cow as a girlfriend?"
Well, I try not to date outside of humans, but if I was… I'd think about cows. Free milk, right?
3. "When was the last time you flossed your teeth?"

Ummm, not as recent as I probably should.

4. "Do you kick the wall?"
I have been able to control my temper much better in my older years. But when I was a rowdy youth, I'd kick just about anything.
5. "You like to be touched _______?"
Wherever you'd like to touch me.
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from Chad

1. "After reading through much of this site, I have the overwhelming urge to hug you. May I give you a hug?"

I don't like to be touched but I haven't been hugged in awhile… but as long as you don't give me a bear hug.

2. "Toto's Africa is the best song of the eighties, is it not?"
I will disagree but I know two guys that would agree with you on that. My choice would be "She's Like The Wind" by Patrick Swayze. I love the Patrick Swayze.
3. "What is your favorite horror movie?"

In general I don't like horror movies because well, they scare me, (imagine that!) I can't watch Freddy Krueger films, because well I have awful nightmares to begin with. Jason films make me laugh and you can't count Evil Dead 2 as a horror film. Just recently I watched the first installment of the Coffin Joe trilogy, "At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul." Not bad for being an early 60's Brazilian horror film. I'd say at the moment that's my favorite horror film.

4. "Are you one of those damn Californians who bitch about how 'cold' it is outside?"
I love the cold, and it could be colder if you ask me. The one thing I hate about California is the warm climate in the summer. Where I live it got to 120 degrees last summer. That's too fucking hot.
5. "Assuming there absolutely HAD to be a victor, who do you think would win if there were a battle between Cyborg Steve Guttenberg and Cyborg Kirk Cameron?"
It would be a battle of the ages. Gruesome, Heroic & riddled with Battle scars. If there had to be an absolute victor, it would Guttenberg. Guttenberg has some kind of edge, I can't really put my finger on it, but it's there.
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from DUDE123

1. "I read you aren't of any religion is this true?"

It is in fact true. One grandmother is very Catholic & the other is Christian. However their children never found any interest in religion. And as a result I never found a need either.

2. "What is pink triangle about exactly?"
Are you referring to the Weezer song? If so, it's about falling in love with the wrong person. I could imagine nothing more annoying than falling in love with someone and finding out he or she like the opposite gender.
3. "My mom loves you guys what would you say to her?"

Hahahaha loves us guys? I am afraid someone has me confused with some band person. But anyway, I love your mom too. I'd tell her that she makes the best cookies and give her a kiss on the cheek.

4. "You guys are awesome can you give me some tips on starting a band?"
Hahaha again, I am not sure what to think about this. But… Never start a band with a boyfriend/girlfriend. And never care about what others say about your music, always do it for yourself. Make friends with someone who owns a recording studio. Listen to Ted Leo & The Pharmacists.
5. "What is your absolute favorite car?"
A 1969 GTO Judge, in grabber orange finish.
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from nifty

1. "Do you take any prescription medications (e.g. Prozac, Lithium)?"

Not at the moment but that will be changing very soon. Traditionally therapy doesn't seem to be working, so the combination with anti-depressants will hopefully work.

2. "Why did your parent(s) give you the middle name Brandon?"
My grandmother named me Christopher Brandon. Based on the character in Jane Austen's "Sense & Sensibility". I suppose I was destined to be such a sissy boy.
3. "Will you come visit me?"

At the moment I can barely leave my own city. Someday I hope to visit everyone.

4. "May I come visit you?"
Maybe if I ever feel all right about it. I still have yet to meet anyone from the Internet.
5. " Van Halen is obviously history at this point. If you could select a new vocalist for the group to get rejuvenated, who would it be, and why?"
That is an extremely hard question. I think Sammy Hagar was the best replacement for DLR. I just don't think anyone is rockin' enough for Van Halen.
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from distantce = bad

1. "What is your earliest memory?"

My earliest memory is rather unpleasant. I'm four years old, and I am at some woman's house with my father. Earlier in the day he took me shopping and bought me a new toy, and he tells me, "Entertain yourself Christopher". He then goes into this woman's bedroom & I can hear them going at it. It's bad enough I was stuck there, but it was even worse considering he just married my stepmother.

2. "Would you consider yourself a 'flirty' person?"
Not really. I am rather shy in person. I don't get the opportunities that most do.
3. "What is your favorite guitar chord?"

A 'G' chord is my favorite if we are talking acoustic. With distortion I'd have to say an 'A'. And for a barre chord, I'd go with an 'F#'.

4. "What is your favorite type of baked pie?"
Pumpkin pie. However I am addicted to the McDonald's apple pies. My favorite meal from McDonald's is two apple pies & a chocolate sundae, hold my nuts. I mean, hold the nuts. Sorry, I know that was not funny.
5. "What are you listening to at this very second?"
Fear by Toad The Wet Sprocket. I haven't listened to this record since 1997. Isn't "All I Want" just so dreamy?
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from didofoot

1. "what do you think about, the times when you're not thinking your ordinary necessary job-and-errand thoughts? is it russia?"

I am not sure what I think about. I am always in a daze. And no, I don't think about Russia, but Prussia.

2. "have you been to australia or thailand yet?"
I sure haven't but I'd love to go to both. It's hard to go anywhere when you refuse to fly.
3. "so what do you think of these b minor relocation guys?"

What? Who? Where? The John Francis? They remind me of Don Caballero.

4. "is giving mix tapes to girls a strictly indie-rock-boy seduction technique or are all men that cheap?"
I think all men are that cheap, but to find a man with good music taste is worth it, right? Who is this? You aren't implying that I am an indie rock boy are you?
5. "sushi or steak?"
How about we skip on both? I am giving up on meat and I hate sushi.
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from Johnny Vermont

1. "Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart, both great but I say Cary Grant what do you think?"

Cary Grant is my favorite actor of all-time. So I will say Jimmy Stewart.

2. "How obvious is it that Chris Chelios is the greatest american born defensemen?"
It's not so obvious. He's good but he's no Chris McAlpine.
3. "When are you hooking me up with SFNJB?"

Whenever you are prepared to take man meat up your keister.

4. "Why gazpacho?"
I like tomatoes. And it's biblical.
5. "Why do girls hate me so much? Is it my nose, my eyes or just the whole face?"
I dunno? I bet they'd swoon for you if you had a mohawk.
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from Rivers Cuomo's girlfriend

1. "You have really nice lips. When is the last time somebody has kissed them?"

Ages. If someone wanted me to kiss them at this very moment, I think I would decline. I am far too rusty. I guess I better go practice on my arm!

2. "Your favorite movie of 2002?"
Sorority Boys!!! Hands down.
3. "You are so obsessed with lists. Give me a list of the 10 things you do before you go to bed."

01. Violate myself if I need to.
02. Shower with all the lights off.
03. Brush my teeth.
04. Crack my bedroom window ( I can only sleep if I am cold.)
05. Grab a bottle of water.
06. Hit the head.
05. See who is online & check e-mail.
04. Lay down only to get up and double check to see if my front door is locked.
03. Turn on night-lites. (I am afraid of complete darkness.)
02. Grab the iPod or turn on the Mac and watch a DVD.
01. Pretend to sleep.

4. "My boyfriend doesn't go down on me. How can I get him to start?"
What? Does Rivers Cuomo not go down? Well, I think some guys out there really enjoy pleasuring others. I think you got the pick of the litter who doesn't. Don't take offense to it, but hold out on down on him. Maybe he'll get the picture.
5. "Favorite Huey Lewis And The News single?"
So random... Well I love the video for IF THIS IS IT. Always reminds me of being a kid in Santa Cruz. I think THE POWER OF LOVE is the best thing about those shitty Back To The Future films. HEART & SOUL is great and also has a funny video. My favorite Huey song is easily DO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE.
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from Langosta77

1. "What do you think are the chances that the Bruins will win the Stanley Cup this year?"

I think the cup is still up for grabs. It would be cool to see the Bruins win, but the East is all mixed up at the moment. I think Toronto is gonna really be a powerhouse once Gary Roberst comes back. I also like Carolina for the cup, they were underdogs last season and in the second half of the season I bet they'll finish strong.

2. "When will Game 9 of the Stanley Cup finals be played? You know what I mean..."
Whenever JB & Lou'ay want their asses kicked.
3. "Taking into account all of the cartoon genres out there: What's your favorite cartoon of all time?"
As most people know I don't really like cartoons. I watched Robotech & Voltron. I'd say my favorite cartoon ever was GI Joe. However I am smitten with Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law.
4. "Will I ever find a girlfriend who I don't have to explain everything to?"
I'm sorry to tell you that if you want a girlfriend, you'll have to explain everything. Just remember that the evil powers that women have over guys will always win. No matter how much you try to resist it.
5. "Does this ring make me look fat?"
Of course not, dear.
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from Nick

1. "Are you a registered voter and have you ever voted?"

Once I turned 18 I registered, and yes I participate every election date. I am always anti-tax hikes from school propositions. I am evil.

2. "If you were forced to "sleep" with a famous man who would it be?"
Sleep with a famous man… I'd say George Michael. We can take turns in running our fingers through each other's hair. Plus he has that really hot ass.
3. "Do you fold or crumple toilet paper when wiping your bum?"
Goodness this is personal, but I crumple. Folding takes too much time; I always hate people who break off like 1 square of toilet paper and wipe.
4. "Do you like toilet paper dispensed so that it rolls over from the top or under from below?"
Another toilet paper question… Over the top is the correct way of doing it. Most guys seem to have wires mixed up and do it the other way (*coughs, ahem Hadar*).
5. "If I sent you a pot of tulip bulbs ready to be grown would you make the effort to try and grow them?"
Of course I would, I used to be really into my garden. But I dunno what happened. Send away and I will plant and care.
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from SomeGirlsAreBiggerThanOthers

1. "Would you ever consider or have you ever dated an obese/plus size/bbw/fat girl?"

I haven't ever dated one, but I haven't dated many girls. See the shape, the size, the color, none of that matters to me as long as I can get along with the girl. That's what matters most to me, in case you can't tell, I'm a bit much for some people. Besides, I am not the skinniest of boys. Not in a log shot.

2. "What is your opinion of Madonna?"
I have never really been attracted to her as most guys are. "Borderline" is my favorite Madonna song. I dunno, I think her longevity is great but I never saw anything special in her.
3. "What magazines, if any, do you subscribe to?"
I don't subscribe to any. I occasionally purchase Q magazine from England. I do however steal my mother's issues of the Smithsonian & Biography from her. I just love that kind of stuff.
4. "Your photography is amazing, ever considered it as a career?"
Thanks. It's just normal, not anything special. My photography professor really wanted me to pursue it, but I never thought I had the drive to do it. My dream job was to be a photojournalist for a rock n' roll magazine. Or even to be a person to layout the artwork and stuff for a record. I'd still like to do that.
5. "You have the same comforter on your bed as I do (with the purple roses), did you pick it out yourself?"
Of course I did. I get some shit for it being a bit too femme, but I really like it. I think it's a tiny but masculine in it's own way. You just reminded me that I should take off the satin sheets. With winter coming up, it may be a bit too cold. But mmmmmm sliding all over is just so fun.
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from MissBehave

1. "You haven't had sex for a year?! I've abstained for two. What do you think are my chances of shagging you?"

I'd say you have 50/50 odds. I am feeling the weakness overcome me. The need for human contact. 2 years is amazing, I admire your will power. I am almost at 13 months, I am catching up to you. :P

2. "What are your plans (if any) for Halloween?"
I love Halloween, it's always been one of my favorite holidays. I'm just not feeling it, I am not in the mood and this year I have no plans. Most likely just sit at home, watch Ernest Scared Stupid or something. Hahahaha, seriously, it came in the mail from netflix. Now I bet you don't want your odds to sleep with me to be so good, huh?
3. "Christmas is getting close! What's ranked #1 on your wishlist?"
Nothing big stands out. I wish my credit card bills weren't so huge! Hmmmm.... my wishlist just has cd's on it. I hate, those fuckers have ripped me off twice now. And they have ripped off two people who sent me something. *sighs* Evil corporate cockmasters!
4. "Do you have weak moments and succumb to using those evil Q-Tips again?"
Hahahaha, you are picking on my vices. No, I can't even go down the same aisle where the Q-Tips are located in stores. If I see that blue-box, and see those heavenly white sticks of joy... I might not be able to resist. I used to be addicted to sex, but I am a fiend for Q-Tips.
5. "What's your favorite day of the week, and why?"
This is a hard question... As the Boomtown Rats sing, "I don't like Mondays". Tuesdays is new release days for music & movies. Wednesday means I get to watch Ed on TV. Thursday is a complete throwaway. Friday means Lou'ay might come into town. Saturday means Lou'ay might come into town. Sunday is completely useless. These are the major events that revolve around my pathetic life. I'd say Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. Isn't that sad, a TV show wins.
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from Johnny Sunshine

1. "What's your take on the Rolling Stones?"

Growing up I hated them. My father listened to 3 bands... the Rolling Stones, the Kinks & the Police. I was on overkill I suppose. It wasn't until about 3 years ago when I finally gave into the Stones. But I will only listen to the material from 1966-1972. I really wish they'd quit. I think they'll keep trying to cut records and perform until they all die in a plane crash. No band should be together after 39 fucking years!!!! I am a firm believer that the most beautiful things in life only last a short time.

2. "You mentioned not having sex for 1 year now. Do you constantly masturbate?"
Ohhh boy. I grew up with an extremely sexual male role-model. I knew about sex at a way too young of an age. As a result I discovered masturbation when I was 8. Ever since then I have been a dedicated self-pleasuring machine. This has been the first year in my life where I haven't constantly masturbated. I can either go 3 days with nothing, or 3 times in one day. I'd have been pretty open about masturbation for a long time. All my friends know I use both hands. Left hand is gentle & the right is vigorous. I like it rough, I usually dig my fingernails in. Hahahaha etc. etc. I am sure you don't need to know this... To answer your question I'd say I do it about as often as most guys my age.
3. "Ever thought about dating a guy?"
When I was younger I thought I might have been gay. But honestly no. I don't like guys. Hell, I wish I didn't like girls.
4. "Favorite Elvis Presley film?"
Oooooooo, of course I do. I love Elvis Presley movies. My favorite is by far GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!. Elvis plays a tuna boat fisherman in Hawaii who chases after the wrong girls. Imagine that?
5. "What spot on your body gets you hot?"
I won't share all my secrets, but I have a few. I lose all posture when someone kisses/sucks on my neck. I just melt...
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from Joan Crawford

1. "What is the fluid capacity of your.. naw.. jk.. If there was 1 celeb you could seduce, who would it be?"

Fluid capacity of my what? My mouth or something a bit down south? Dirty, dirty, dirty mind - I love it. I'd like to seduce someone who would be difficult but not too difficult that I'd fail. Afterall, losing is never any fun. I'd have to go with my dream woman, Janeane Garofalo. I've always had a thing for older girls, I like 'em bitter, I tend to have a thing for dark hair, etc. I think it would be fun & challenging & it would fulfill a fantasy of mine.

2. "What movie/s make/s you cry?"
I always cry during Edward Scissorhands. Good lord, that movie makes me feel so alone. When Winona Ryder says, "Hold me." & Johnny Depp replies, "I can't." I just fucking weep like a complete loser. :[ On the other spectrum of film, I always cry tears of joy at the end of Shawshank Redemption. It makes me feel so good.
3. "How many numbers are in your little black book and how often do you call them?"
I can't say I have one. Most people know, I don't ever answer my phone, let alone make many phone calls. Back when I was 14, I did have a little black book. It had like 10 numbers in it, and I even ranked the girls with my own secret codes. Not that I ever did anything more than maybe kiss one of them. You know how boys have to try to impress people. I always hoped that if I died, and they found my little black book, they would have thought I was a stud-muffin.
4. "Got a favorite director?"
I'd have to say that Tim Burton is it. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Batman, Ed Wood & Beetlejuice. Some classics. However I do like David Lynch a lot, remember I am a hugeeeee fan of twin peaks. Elia Kazan also made a few wonderful movies. When I was younger I was really into Hitchcock films & Oliver Stone. Although his directing may not be terribly special, nobody writes screenplays like John Hughes.
5. "As far as western culture goes, who's the most famous person of all time, besides Toni Basil?"
Easily Elvis Presley, His sex appeal, his style, his hair, his voice, no rivals. Except for maybe Jimmy Dean. Who they say helped influence Elvis. The two sexiest men to ever walk the earth...
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from Katherine Hepburn

1. "Favorite Donut?"

Mmmmmm donuts. My absolute favorite is cherry icing donuts. If I can't have that, then I go with a maple bar. I'll eat any donuts except for glazed & chocolate. Do you know what place fucking sucks for donuts? Krispy Kreme.

2. "First kiss?"
It was about 2 weeks before 5th grade. This girl Tammy Thigpen was super cute. I saw her at another near by school with her friend. We talked a bit on the jungle gym and she leaned over to me and just kissed me. I was so taken off-guard. She smiled and ran away. I was left there in the tanbark in complete shock. When 5th grade started, she never mentioned it, and neither did I. I saw her about 3 years ago at a record store. She turned from being super cute to super beautiful. I don't think she recognized me.
3. "What is the last album you listened to?"
Future Bible Heroes - eternal youth. It fucking sucks, Claudia Gonson's voice is too weak to take on lead vocal duties. I am so sick of Stephin Merritt's bullshit, just sing you asshole.
4. "Milkshake: Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry?"
Well Root Beer shakes are my favorite... But to answer your question, I'd go with Strawberry if it is made with real Strawberries. I like all 3 though, especially if you drown it in whipped cream.
5. " Do you do any drugs, if so what?"
Nope. Can't say I do. There was once a time where I had a vice for drinking. Which is hard to imagine since I was always so anti-drinking when I was younger. I think I strayed away from drugs growing up and seeing my uncle's life. He sadly still is an addict of some sorts. It saddens me, to see a 49 year old man having withdrawal.
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from Nick

1. "Which 5 famous people living or not would you choose to accompany you if stranded on an island for the rest of your life (of course you have all your basic necessities, so don't worry about them) ?"

Fuck. *Racking my brain* Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips. I'll need music if I am on an island, and since he can make music out of nothing, he'd be necessary for my survival. Ziyi Zhang. She is gorgeous and we would need someone to kick some ass. You never know what creatures may be on an island. Richard Dean Anderson, I'd hope some of the shit he pulled on MacGyver stuck with him. Nina Persson of the cardigans. I have had the biggest crush on her forever, and I'd love to see if her hair is really that blonde. Plus she could also help Wayne make some music. Final choice would be Sophie Sweet, just because she looks like a "nice" girl.

2. "What's your take on God?"
One grandma is christian, the other is catholic. My parents never took to religion, as a result I grew up religion-free. I'd hate to claim I am an atheist because atheists act like they are a religion instead of someone who does not believe in a god or multiple gods. I'd like to think there is something after this life, something better, but I don't know. I have little faith in anything. It's not like I'd ever go to church or anything. I am always a firm believer in science, but I don't want to burn any bridges with what I say. I have never prayed before, I think growing up, I started to not believe in anything. Just by the atmosphere I was in, and what was happening to me. I couldn't understand why it was happening to me. However, if someone believes in god, more power to them. I try not to attack anyone for their beliefs, I don't think anyone should.
3. "What are your top 3 Van Halen songs and why?"
#3 - 5150. When I saw Van Halen play this, it was amazing. I was still bitter by DLR going his separate ways. So I didn't really get into 5150 at first even though I loved Sammy Hagar. #2 - UNCHAINED. Musically my favorite Van Halen song. "Hey man that suit is you. You'll get some leg tonight for sure. Tell us how youuuuu dooooo." I still don't get that bit, but nevertheless great song. #1 - PANAMA. I loved this song so much I even named my cat after it.
4. "Do you have any crystals, gems, minerals or rocks?"
Actually not a single one. I have some arrowheads I found in my backyard when I was young. But they are just sitting in my chest. I was once advised by my aunt to go hookup with some girl who worked in one of those places. I thought about it at first and then thought it might have been a little scary. I mean if the breakup was bad, she might stone me to death.
5. "How do you feel?"
As lonely as usual.
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from Chrissy

1. "If you HAD to choose: Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears or Mandy Moore?"

I am not sure if she is even legal, but I am most attracted to Mandy Moore. Christina Aguilera just reminds me of a hoochie, and Britney, well she's Britney.

2. " If you could live in any decade, which would you choose?"
I spent my youth in the best decade ever. But I'd say the 50's, hands-down. I'd have a greaser cut, I'd own stack-o-stacks of rockabilly 45's. Hell, I bet I'd even roll my cigarette pack up in my sleeve. Ahhhh yes the 50's... bobbi socks, cardigan sweaters, capri pants, bermuda shorts, poodle skirts, drive-ins, etc. Sounds like such a wonderful time. Can you imagine the excitement of hearing rock n' roll for the first time?
3. "Name the perfect place to go on a first date."
Errrm, this is embarrassing. I have never really dated anyone before. I never had to do the whole pickup your date, anticipate the awkward kiss goodnight, none of it. I wouldn't mind going out somewhere. But I hope if I am interested in a girl, she wouldn't have to crave such excitement and adventure. I am pretty boring myself. I don't know if this qualifies for a first date. But my ideal situation for being with a girl. Is to take off for a night. Just driving, talking and listening to music. It's the little things like that, which mean the most to me. If you can find someone who you can do that with, then every little thing with them could be the best moments of your life.
4. "What show do you wish was never canceled?"
Easily the Upright Citizens Brigade. By far the best sketch comedy show ever!!!
5. "What do you find is the best therapy?"
Well I am skeptic to most therapy. I don't really enjoy talking about my problems with others. Lobotomies aren't too pleasant. I have always preferred the healing power of music. It can suit every emotions you feel, it can soothe you, it can help destroy you. It's the only way I have ever been able to deal with living.
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from Jason

1. "What's your favorite Foo-Fighters song?"

Tough question. I think it's a split between EXHAUSTED & HEY, JOHNNY PARK!. Runner-up would be EVERLONG.

2. "I know you used to be obsessed with James Dean. Did you ever want to be a movie star?"
Kinda. It's part of the whole wanting to be adored by the masses thing. But knowing my luck I would have been like Shannen Doherty famous. Half the world would have hated me. Remember the "I Hate Brenda" fanclub?
3. "What do you like on your sandwich?"
First off, it has to be on sourdough, no exceptions. Garlic & Herb Turkey w/ Smoked Cheddar Cheese. Everything but onions.
4. "Is it true that you really watch Steven Seagal movies?"
Errrrrrmmmm, yes I am afraid I do. I didn't see a single one till last year. Blame my cousin, he told me there was some serious ass-kicking in his films. I watched a few of the films and became hooked. He can definitely beat Jean-Claude's ass.
5. "What do you think of the Indie Rock scene?"
Lame. Lame. Lame. I like the music, hate the scene. I don't attend many "Indie shows" because of the people. They all look the same, they only listen to artists because they are told they are good by critics or people who are elitist pigs. Not saying I am not an elitist pig, because, simply put, I am.
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