San Luis Obispo 03.24.02

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looking like shit. what's new?
I look like a human hedgehog.
my golf at the memorial for james dean's death.
driving fast through central california.
this is beautiful.
thought this looked lonely.
waking up with more hair than usual.
make-out spot.
jimmy didnt actually die there,
I thought it was unusual to drive on a rickety old pier.
that's not really me, but my brother.
hey, let's make-out.
sea lions are adorable.
does anyone ever watch Blue Planet on the Discovery Channel?
That car has wya too many miles put on it from drives similar to this one.
I thought this was the cutest couple I have ever seen.

San Luis Obispo, CA - San Luis Obispo is one of my absolute favorite towns. Close to the water, distant enough from the hectic world of southern california & not too far from the north. On a weekend getaway I had decided to disappear for some sanity.

I always wanted to move to San Luis Obispo but finding work there is nearly impossible. There isn't any corporations, just small stores & hotels. Also, too many attractive smart girls there, makes me intimidated.

I have nothing to say. It was the night for the meteor shower, I was afraid that I might have seen someone I knew stargazing. silly me, of course I didn't. need to lose wight. 250 goddamn pounds, remarkable. and the holidays haven't even hit yet.