Random Summer Pictures 09.01.02  

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you like?
christopher brandon is a bad ass cowboy? hardly.
what kind of face is this?
a wreck.
look, I'm human.
my favorite.
horrible taste.
all this guy does is sleep in photos.
enough of me.
last time I drank.
mac attack is back jack.
wow, those are pretty.
baby, I was born on a train.
just woke up looking as wonderful as ever. sarcasm.
is this me?

California Summer 2002 - I've stopped taking photos. I need to start again. I need to go back to real film. Fuck the digital world. I hope to start taking more pictures, hell remember when this site was based off of images?

I've just noticed all of the photos of me. There is a reason why these don't show up. Not flattering in the least. But I suppose it would be unfair to show you only pictures which are deemed "decent" of me.