Adventures of Hadar & Christopher Part 1- 07.20.02 

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The only house for miles around,
I see this and wonder if there is Easter candy hidden inside.
I should have stayed at this hotel. at least the sign is cute.
our cell phones had no reception whatsoever. I had to sneak this photo before he kicked my ass. I think he was talking to his lady.
why doesn't my mcdonald's have this deal? I'd be in major trouble.
pretty bridge. some guys was painting it next to me. it looked like shit.
I thought this said "crappy's bar".
the skunk train.
hadar is in mid-sentence.
the asshole who kept singing.
rollie fingers? nope, annoying fucking  train singer.
bastard sleeping again.
get your fiddles & cameras.
jimmy dean at burger king.
50's bk? what has the world come to?
I would have made hadar stop if it was SEAGAL state park.      

Fort Bragg, CA - hadar and I took a road trip up north to ride the Skunk trains. If you have never been to Fort Bragg, just think of a coastal bum-fuck town. Nothing to do, everything closes early, etc. etc. needless to say we stuck out. They could tell we were city boys, most likely thinking we were a couple.

The surroundings are beautiful. You are on the ocean, it's great weather, and you can hear the ding of buoys in the water. In fact that is the only way I was able to sleep. See, Hadar & I are very different when it comes to weather. I like to be freezing cold, he likes to be burning up. Our hotel room was a fucking sauna, I couldn't open any windows, and there was no a/c. Hadar was passed out and as snug as a new born puppy. However, I was suffocating. So I decided to go take a walk at 2 in the morning. I realized I was too tired to walk, so I went over to a bench and slept outside of the hotel parking lot. I brought my pillow and everything. So I woke up at around 5, and was startled because a deer was sniffing my hand! It scared me, I scared the deer, it was ridiculous. I then notices I was soaking wet. My first reaction was the deer marked me as it's territory. I then noticed I was submersed in the thickest fog I have veer seen. A long story short, I crawled back into the sauna and defrosted. The train ride was okay, but this guy kept singing and annoying the hell out of us. I even have a video clip right here.

It's good to get out of town every once in awhile. Always makes you more appreciative of your home. I couldn't wait to be back.