Christopher @ 4AM 05.27.02  

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I have had this neon green beanie for more than half my life.
my useless g4, basically an 80 gig jukebox.
looking fucking ugly.
looking fucking uglier even 30 seconds later.
I'd rather be sleeping,
hair don't look too bad though.
I hate seeing all these nasty pictures of me.
true essence of exhaustation.
enough of me.
I might be resting?!
my pirate length pj's.

Pleasant Hill , CA - Sleep comes very late if at all. I can't ever remember being able to get bed at an early time. Even when I was 10 I remember always being up after 1AM.

When you stay up so late, it seems as if you have nothing to do but think. Think about your life, think about the choices you made or think of tommorow or the past. Sadly for me, I can't sleep once the sun surfaces. I think part of my dillusional life is due to lack of sleep. I'd kill to be one of those people who sleep in 'till noon.

So, it's 4a.m. nothing is on, nothing to do. Might as well take some pictures. I set-up my camera to take a picture every 30 seconds while I was fucking around. The results aren't pretty, but are they ever? And yes, I like pirate-length PJ's. Not too hot, not too cold. All-season.