shadows breaking over my head 11.30.02 

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what am I looking at?
my skin looks silver.
hey tough guy.
doing a little bit of reading.
damn that hair.
my absolute favorite picture I have taken of myself.
what I look like out of the shower.
hey holmes.
ahhhhh the old mirror trick.
oh fuck, a change of face?
I wish my hair always looked that dark.
too much texture.

Pleasant Hill, CA - Someday I will have a model pose for me. I don't have any clue on how to capture anyone else's essence but my own. However my essence isn't all that fancy. Just a boy who is daft and has big hair. That's all I really am.

It's funny how people give me shit about not wanting to be in photos or how they don't have any pictures of me. I am very controlling of the photos I am in. I don't really photograph too well, and snapshots are just hideous. For me it's self-portraits or nothing. I don't think I could handle someone taking a portrait of me. I am terribly shy, and I'd just feel embarrassed. Hell, I am embarrassed when I take pictures of myself.