lazy days in my bedroom in autumn 11.11.02 

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Holding myself.
I hate my profile
I look pissed off.
my wrist hurts, not from what you think. Well maybe....
balding balding balding
rpped jeans
pretending to be dead
typical me.
upside down.
hiding that mug
computer dork
oh fuck me.
time to shave those bad boys

Pleasant Hill, CA - I'm bored as usual. So it's a beautiful day outside of my bedroom window, and I'm stuck indoors. Not really stuck, but I don't feel like going outside anyways. My motivation to do anything is at an all-time low.

Even though I live by myself, I spend most of my time in my room. It has my computers & my bed. I don't really do anything else but play on the computer & sleep.

Someday I should decorate my room, it's just 4 white walls and an ugly beige carpet. The least decorated part of my apartment, maybe that's why it seems like my mood becomes so dull when I am in there. Where is Trading Spaces when I need it?