October 09, 2006

it's the meerers.

Whatâs with these awful Texas Instruments DLP TV ads? âItâs the mirrorsâ. Does anyone else want to see that elephant stomp on that little girl? And why does she mispronounce âmirrorsâ? Who writes these commercials? Better yet, why do the marketing execs put those ideas into fruition? Goodness, so many questions, I feel quizzical tonight.

My girlfriend is moving away. I am obviously less than thrilled about it. Almost a year here & it feels like the two of us have done so little. Time truly does fly when I am with her. Sheâs not ready to live here, I myself, am ready to leave here. I canât think of anyone who would move with me. Hell, I canât really think of anyone who I could even tolerate (besides for Kayla). I need a slower pace of life. My eyes are always set on San Luis Obispo but who knows if I will ever get there.

Football fills my Sundays. I go over to my cousinâs house and sit on a couch and take bulldog baths from Grimlock. Yes, Grimlock, as in that Transformer T. Rex â totally geeky.

I need a new computer, I really donât care to spend the money but this one wonât even let me burn cdâs. Oh yeah, thatâs why I have never sent the last diary cdâs. Did you even notice?

Steady these sinful hands. Christopher brighten up.

Posted by staynobody at 09:32 PM